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Liberal Fundraisers At It Again

Liberal Fundraisers At It Again


You say you can’t afford a $7,000 a plate dinner with one of Premier Wynne’s bag men? You might get a call there are cheaper munch and mingles on the horizon. Once media got word each cabinet minister was ordered to raise $1million per person to fill campaign coffers, the jig was up.

Well okay not quite… Aides are now being strong armed to raise Canuck bucks from folks their individual department’s work with. Isn’t that special!  With the next provincial election set for 2018, Mrs. Wynne has already cracked the whip…..Money, money, money, honey. Oops that’s a popular song isn’t it? Well you get the idea.

The Province of Ontario is facing an ever mounting debt of $300 billion….by the time next election rolls around the debt will continue to soar. Glad handing folks for election funds  the Provincial government deals with reminds one of black ops. What a pitiful shame. Maybe that should be on the Party’s Coat of Arms: Black Ops!


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Liberal Fundraisers At It Again

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