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Keep Making Midland A Welcoming Community

Keep Making Midland A Welcoming Community


As well we all know history has a way of repeating. But there is a social satire that takes place in some communities one would think was penned by Hollywood writers.

When one first moved to Midland in 1960, although my parents bought a cottage at nearby Allenwood Beach in 1942, he was surprised at his reception. The vast majority were wonderfully welcoming people, although there were a few not overly happy about newcomers.

While attending a service club meeting, the same club I had been an active member in Etobicoke, the man next to me, a long time downtown shop keeper, seemed annoyed with me in particular and in all newcomers in general.  “You people will want a new YMCA building, a swimming  pool, new fire hall, new schools, new everything that we who were born and raised here don’t want and can’t afford”.

One wishes the man had lived long enough to see the changes as the population back then grew from 10,000 or so to the present 17,000. No community can exist without growth, growth in business, industry and residential housing. With lumbering and ship building behind us, with grain elevators closing, prosperous factories moving away or shutting down, Midland didn’t shutter itself.  It moved ahead,  and slowly but surely new life is being breathed into the community.

It is the job of all 17,000 of us to take up the cause of promoting Midland, welcoming newcomers, urging tourists to come visit and stay a few extra days.  We who love Midland can surely roll up our sleeves and  become even more involved in the life and times of our great town.

Continue to make Midland a Welcoming Community.


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Keep Making Midland A Welcoming Community

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