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Midland Council Seems Eager To Hand Over Policing To OPP

Midland Council Seems Eager To Hand Over Policing To OPP


It would appear from reading tea leaves (and Councillor Cody Oschefski’s Facebook page – a steady source of wonder), Midland council is hell bent on turning local policing over to the OPP.  Tonight’s council meeting that will see them debate spending $42,000 on having an outside source measure the pros and cons and coming up with a report takes pressure off of town council……it’s an old smoke and mirrors trick.

Blame authors of the report if town changes police departments only to discover in a year or so politicians at town hall made a terrible costly decision…..by then it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get out of the contract only after serving a one year notice.

Aside from a few pro OPP members of council and even some officers on the Midland force, we have yet to hear from any Midland resident that would jump for joy if the OPP came to town, other than those who have had dealings with the local police, the same kind of “dealings” that would happen with OPP.

We are not anti OPP but we are not fans of the OPP seeking cost recoverables in due course or asking that a new detachment office be constructed in town which has happened in a number of other Ontario municipalities after they got rid of their local forces to “save municipal tax dollars” that never materialized.

Spending more money to see if Midland should go OPP is truly a further waste of tax dollars if only to keep our local politicians out of the dog house somewhere down the road. Pushing for an almost all volunteer fire brigade makes as much sense, stupid from the get go when area fire departments find it difficult to add just one candidate to its compliment of full time-part time smoke eaters.  Maybe one or two councillor less around council table (one of the KPMG recommendations) would result in savings; maybe less conventions and smaller expense accounts could help get the town in the black…… maybe giving up their benefits (they are the only part timers on Midland’s purse that get them)

Interesting times lay ahead.  Tune in we will continue to keep you up to date.


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    1. My point exactly. You focus on the negatives. You said “we have yet to see taxpayers support it” which is a lie because they are. Funny how you can see his status but not the comments. Maybe your resources should relay all the information so you don’t look so silly next time.

    2. Oh goodness Jodi. You are a great girlfriend to Cody and very protective. Good job. You accuse me of bullying you and trolling… but… hmmm…. you are absolutely entitled to your opinions. That is why you are not banned here nor will we delete your comments on the group page.

    3. I never once said you couldn’t say your opinion. I don’t like the way you voice your opinion. It’s not fair to say you’ve yet to hear any comments about the taxpayers, when there are some. That’s all I’m saying :). If you’re going to post articles, just make sure they are accurate please.

    4. I am getting opinions right now aren’t I. And to be clear, this was not my article. Check the byline. I expect to open up debate and discussion about this. That is what I/we formed to do.

  1. Go and Contact the Mayors of other municipalities and ask them their experiences when they changed over to OPP? Ask about the costs and hidden surprises that popped up!
    I’m sure they would be helpful and offer information if asked.
    Total cost a few phone calls and emails maybe some stamps.
    Saves $40,000 plus…
    Maybe Midland police should expand their force and offer services to Penetang in a joint venture.

  2. 30 years ago or more they were offered regional government with their own police and lots of other combined services but several municipalities turned it down flat they were afraid of some start up costs and that is how we got OPP in Penetang, no regional bus service and now the danger of hospital downgrading

  3. They have the Opp in Peneteng,, a few questions come to mind,,, Is Opp effective in Penetang?,, response time as good?,, policing costs are they lower? higher?a good visible presence?

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Midland Council Seems Eager To Hand Over Policing To OPP

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