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A Midland Police “Fixture” Has Retired

A Midland Police “Fixture” Has Retired

Shelley Cozac

Yes, sadly, Shelley Cozac is retiring from Midland Police Service after decades of dedicated service.  One first met Shelley back in the ’80s when we were elected first ever chairman of Midland Police Services Board.

From day one, I realized the then chief Larry Hembruff had hired a very gifted, talented, dedicated person. Nothing seemed to frazzle Ms. Cozac.  She has worked with Chiefs Larry Hembruff, Paul Hamelin and now Mike Osborne.  Each chief constable relied on her skills, dedication and professionalism. She always came to work to work and work she did with great enthusiasm. She was very good at what she did and the force itself was the winner.

Her shoes will be too difficult to fill….so her replacement should not try….with Shelley’s retirement the mould will be broken, as it should. We wish our good friend all the very best over the next five or six decades. “Shell” the coffee pot’s always on here on Easy Street. We are sad to see you go but you have run a great race, kept the faith and are highly respected within the policing community.

Owen Sound Com Centre, please mark Ms. Shelley Cozac, 10-7.


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A Midland Police “Fixture” Has Retired

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