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Midland Y’s Mens Music Festival

Midland Y’s Mens Music Festival


Midland Y's Mens ClubMidland Y’s Men Club’s annual Music Festivals is off and running for another year. Some will tell you these events are at least seven consecutive decades long….others might add two more decades. And why not?  The YMCA in Midland is the second oldest YMCA in all of Canada.

As a former member of Etobicoke YM-YWCA, I have known how popular these festivals are especially attracting young singers and performers.  One can recall at the old Free Press on King Street trying to sort out winners from a series of judges’ reports we were handed.  Took me hours, until it felt my eyeballs were going to pop out of my head. Funny thing is that I later called an eye doctor…..who checked my eyes and then prescribed glasses. I still tie in wearing glasses to the Midland Y’s Men’s annual Music festival.

So good luck to all candidates and to valued judges, sponsors and of course to Y’s Men past and present.

Link To Y’s Mens Page: http://ysmen.org/index.php?id=143


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Sports and Rec Centre – Gymnasium
10:00 am to 8:00 pm


Midland Y’s Mens Music Festival

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