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Much Needed Rains Finally Fall On Huronia

Much Needed Rains Finally Fall On Huronia


Dry FieldsAfter more than 30 straight days of sweltering 100F temperatures, welcoming rain returned for two consecutive days here in the heart of Huronia.

According to NASA, this was the hottest July since the propellerhead began keeping records!

Farmers’ crops have taken a beating, as have lawns, orchards, vegetable and flowers gardens and mixed grain  crops. It is doubtful that farmers will be able to get a second or third cutting of hay.

Already some are taking steps to draw off straw for winter storage.  No doubt shoppers will feel the effects of this year’s record-breaking “near drought” at the supermarket as they see prices rise in certain fresh produce sectors.

Summer has not been a complete bust….here in cottage country beaches have been magnets for swimmers and sun bathers. Special summer events have been well attended and cottage rentals have been on the rise.

In future, Midland might want to consider blocking off one block between Elizabeth and Dominion, every Saturday from 8 am to noon to stage a weekly farmers’ market with vendors coming from all parts of the province. So while our friends in the farming community are feeling the pinch, elsewhere things have been much rosier. What we can all do is to buy local, frequent outdoor  farmers’ markets and visit highway fruits stands that dot our area….thus supporting  those who could use a leg up after this hellish hot Summer of 2016.


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Much Needed Rains Finally Fall On Huronia

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