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The “No Phone” Is The Perfect Phone

The “No Phone” Is The Perfect Phone

"No Phone" Replica Smartphone
“No Phone” Replica Smartphone

Two developers presented their No Phone to Shark Tank investors the other night,  but were rejected.  The pair of advertising egg heads from NYC came up with what they thought was the perfect cure for cell phone addiction.

‘NoPhone’ Creators Believe Their Plastic Phone Replica Will Help Beat ‘Phone Addiction’

The idea hit them like a bolt of lightning after going out for dinner and looking around at each restaurant table watching customers with their noses deep into their cell phones. Shazam! They came up with No Phone.

For under $10 a pop,  they developed a look-alike cell phone, sans apps, minus everything….just the shell of a cell phone with nary a working part. For a few dollars more they came up with the deluxe model that featured a mirror, perfect for selfies.

No Phone could be used in church and at funerals where owners with itchy fingers  could control their addictions and not disturb others. Sharks weren’t impressed.  We were! We harkened back to those who dared to be laughed at when they launched pet rocks, mood rings, pea shooters, the hula hoop, Daniel Boon coon skin hats, pea shooters, marbles, tiger tails in gas tanks, steering wheel nobs, wheel well wires that rub against curbs when on tries to park a car.  One even remembers buying a phony car telephone antenna,  one that handily  stuck on one’s rear car window when he couldn’t afford a real car telephone.

I can see No Phones being sold as novelty gifts, in a word where we could use more laughs for no reason at all. We hope No Phone founders will end up crowd funding and make a bundle. You can count  on this writer to purchase  a couple of ’em for the grand kids to take to school.  Heck I’d buy a half-dozen more  and give as fun gifts to our light-hearted relatives in Switzerland and Netherlands. In Holland if you carry you cell phone on your belt, they think you are a plumber. This will confuse ’em!


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The “No Phone” Is The Perfect Phone

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