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Photo Radar Cash Grab For Province?

Photo Radar Cash Grab For Province?


John Tory, Toronto’s mayor, wants photo radar to help pay for some of  Metro police department’s $1 billion budget. City council would like to cut the budget by $25 million.  By bringing back photo radar from the dark ages, the mayor feels more police can be freed up and make the city safer.  Photo radar was a NDP government idea when Bob Rae was at helm of Queen’s  Park when Tories  under Mike Harris took over, photo radar bit the dust. If the big smoke gets approval from Wynne and company you can bet other cities large and small will want plumb picking photo radar to boost police department coffers.

Can you imagine costs associated buying radar units and vehicles to house/operate them.  Photo radar should be more than shooting fish in a barrel, it shouldn’t be used as a crap shoot to collect coins of the realm.  Between cutting health care province wide, Wynne’s boondoggles, mounting hydro rates and now possible photo radar probably being re-introduced in the nation’s largest city, Wynne’s Grits are in for a probable beating at the polls  in 2018.

Perhaps this will appear next in cash-strapped Midland and surrounding communities?

Source: http://www.torontosun.com/2016/02/22/photo-radar-about-cash-grab-not-public-safety


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Photo Radar Cash Grab For Province?

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