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Playing In A Rock ‘n Roll Band

Playing In A Rock ‘n Roll Band


Johnstone's Music LandEach time I walk past Johnstone’s Musicland and stare at a set of drums/traps I am reminded of playing in a rock ‘n roll band, Double Dribble Nine, at WCI when I was a teenager.

As you can guess we performed at basketball and football games and at Teen Town.  I also played drums in our high school orchestra in Woodstock and was a drum sergeant in our cadet bugle band which was associated with Oxford Rifles Milia, Third Division RCR.

Our rock band often practised late Saturday nights at a coin wash near the CNR train station. Our electric guitars used the coin washes’ hydro until police closed us down after dozens showed up to watch us get in the groove.  My set of drums never left our livingroom when I wasn’t performing with our nine member band.

Mom and her IODE, UCW, YWCA, WI, visiting minister, relatives and others always managed to find seating between/near  bass drum, snares, high hats, cymbals and Tom Tom. When I rented a room above Mulligan’s Drug Store (when hired by CKMP to do the sign on show at 1230 AM ) across from St. Paul’s here in town, the druggist often phoned upstairs in the afternoon “to keep the noise down.”

If a new set of drums are on my bucket list, my beloved is not budging…..so drums in front window of Musicland, will just remain just that…..fond memories.  Now where are my sticks?


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Playing In A Rock ‘n Roll Band

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