Remembering Bobby Curtola

Remembering Bobby Curtola


Bobby Curtola - Younger YearsWith the tragic news of Bobby Curtola’s 73 year old Fiancée being killed in an automobile accident on Tuesday December 15th, memories of Bobby came rushing back.

I first met Bobby when he was a teenager in 1959 on his way to CKSL in London, Ontario to promote his first  recording.  His manager drove their car all the way from Thunder Bay and upon seeing CKOX Radio on Dundas Street in Woodstock they took a chance to see if anyone would interview Bobby.  

Being on the air at the time I had the honour…after they left I played the tune several times in a row before the boss tapped on studio window and warned me I would be fired if I played record one more time!

I provided Bobby and his manager with a long list of fellow broadcasters across province to visit.   It was beginning of a long, fun filled relationship; we featured him at teen town; he loved my mother’s cookies and, when I moved to Midland he sang here too……Bobby Curtola has never been a one hit wonder… entire generation has enjoyed his music.  We are saddened by above news.



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Remembering Bobby Curtola

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