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Service Clubs: Still Integral To Community Growth

Service Clubs: Still Integral To Community Growth


When one was community youth secretary at Etobicoke YMCA-YWCA and later at North Toronto we were active members of both Etobicoke Y’s Men’s Clubs and the Kiwanis Club. Both groups sponsored Ki-Y sports, funded bus trips to day camp and generally funded everything in sight with funds coming from Christmas tree sales, chocolate bars funds, you name it they did it.

Here in Midland, Penetanguishene and North Simcoe there are a host of service clubs and lodges all dedicated to making life a little easier in Huronia. Service clubs consist of dedicated men and women working for the betterment of not only fellow members but the community at large. Lodge members will tell you their fraternity’s goal is simply to make good men and women better men and women…. there certainly is no secret in that……sadly we the people are not always  aware of what our service clubs, lodges, etc do on a regular basis….but you can be proud of these selfless organizations that are the backbone of any community, North Simcoe included and are always looking for members.

Midland area has Rotary, Y’s Mens, Business Women, Lions, Civitans, Scouts/ Guides, Knights of Columbus, Masons & Shrine…

As for listing them all, we invite any of you members out there to take advantage of our business directory and list your clubs on ourmidland.ca

Click this link to get started.  Let us help you promote your service club.


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  1. Thank You for acknowledging the ongoing volunteer contributions of our service organizations. I believe that we as volunteers are the heart of our communities. I am a proud longtime member of the Midland Civitan Club.

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Service Clubs: Still Integral To Community Growth

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