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Sex Ed Curriculum Brown’s Achilles Heel

Sex Ed Curriculum Brown’s Achilles Heel


Major Metro newspapers would have you believe Wynne’s sex-ed curriculum has become Ontario Tory Party Leader’s Patrick Brown’s “Achilles heel”. This follows a letter sent this week to voters in the riding of Scarborough Rouge River, who go to the polls Sept. 1 during a significant by-election.

raymond-choGrits have held the riding since the beginning of time. This time  Tories could take all the marbles based on present polls. With thousands of CHO signs on lawns and with PC canvassers in the thousands out knocking on doors seven days a week. Tories could win by a land slide.

With more than 14  separate ethnic groups in the riding, sex-ed is something talked about at home and only at home. So a letter this week, not approved by Brown, has thrown a monkey wrench into the mix. At least for now, but no fear.

The author has since said “it was a mistake” sending out the letter to home owners. Brown has been clear from day one,  he supports the idea BUT if elected Premier in 2018 , he would seek more consultation before the final document is etched in stone.

So he has made his position crystal clear again , he has not equivocated as  the pro Liberal press allege. Simcoe North MPP Brown, Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Leader, whose goal is to have an all-inclusive organization,  would surely be the guy to seek input and consultation from across the province and  well before the new sex-ed policy  was amended and  officially stamped under his regime.

Read More: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/patrick-brown-sex-ed-mistake-1.3740877


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Sex Ed Curriculum Brown’s Achilles Heel

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