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Two Million Dollar Increase Unforeseen? Really?

Two Million Dollar Increase Unforeseen? Really?


What’s this about Mayor Gord McKay’s “fact of life” statement when budgeting for a municipal project that increases by an arm and a leg, in this case $2 million? Fact of life?

You budget for a fire truck and then discover the final price soars? You budget for snowplows and final bill is out of whack! Fact of life? Come on now……when planning for a project wouldn’t you think the sharpest pencils should always be used….not once, not twice but three times.

So, if Midland for instance opts for the OPP and later discovers the final tab is hundreds of thousands or more and then OPP wants a new detachment constructed which would be in the millions, does one chalk up mounting costs as facts of life?

Midland needs sharp pencils and sharper officials to make certain the town always gets the best bang for its bucks.  Fact of life doesn’t cut it, plain and simple…….fact of life is simply a cop out, plain and simple. Why can’t municipal officials budget like the average Joe does in his home. Is it because it is other people’s money and the devil is in the fine print. Changes to estimates on construction are a “fact of life” when it comes to business but a price tag increasing by an additional $2 million seems off the charts for a town of 17,000…wouldn’t you agree?


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  1. My question here is why do we need a new building at all. The fire station had already moved out of the building, the courthouse has moved out of the building. The building was renovated not all that long ago. The town has not grown that much, the office space that the public sees is in my opinion under utilized in comparison to what nurses use as offices. The hallways are the conference room out by the side parking lot has been empty every time I have been there. In theory less space should be needed since everything is computerized and the biggest clincher for me is the town is in financial dire straits so why do we need a big new house when the bills on the old house are in difficulty?? AND if the price is escalating before it has even started there is something seriously wrong with this picture. Next question is it an architectural wonder if beauty or is it a functional building for a functional town office.

  2. Can some of these departments work out of rented facilities in the town. There are empty stores? Or is that a ridiculous idea??

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Two Million Dollar Increase Unforeseen? Really?

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