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Small Town News & Small Town Opinions

One of the great things reporting news in a town  of 17,000, reporters get to know many of their readers. Editorial boards in large urban centres very seldom get to know their subscribers  up close and personal.
Often the same few subscribers write letters to the editor on a consistent basis. Usually they are pro this and anti that. But that is okay too…..since they are free to express their opinions as long as they are not slanderous.
Reporting the news at all levels is important…..locally, provincially, federally and globally. It’s a mirror held up reflecting history as it unfolds. Reporting the news, some would say, is a sacred obligation. There are some stories/tips whose source(s) need to be verified some times more than once, that’s just the nature of the beast. If news outlets were filled with fluff pieces only, they wouldn’t exist for long.
Our Midland.ca  is a volunteer-only operated news gathering/reporting local internet news service.  We take a great deal of pride keeping our valuable readers up to date despite the fact some have counter points of view….and that dear friends is just fine. The way you ride a horse sure might be different from ours when it comes to horses and stories which we feel are important to share. In future just as in the past, you can count on us especially when other news outlets don’t give you the entire picture.
So the rules are quite simple, express your point of view, wave your flag, provide a heads up, get it off your chest but don’t besmirch your subject.  This probably is the crux since freedom of speech in the USA is totally different here in Canada……our editor will carefully edit out any libellous material  but still retain the theme of one’s communique.  So there you have it dear readers ….ground rules all but set in stone…..but still a wonderful template to use when you want to blow off steam and write our editor a letter.


Editorial Note: The views and opinions expressed in this and any article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of OurMidland.ca community news.  Research claims and form your own opinions.  All publication and participation must abide by our terms of use policy.

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Small Town News & Small Town Opinions

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