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Something Smells Bad At Town Hall

Something Smells Bad At Town Hall


Since when did a very relatively small new group of political string-pullers think that what they are doing to manipulate local politics and Midland’s future wouldn’t meet the smell test in town?

edgar-burgen-charlie-mccarthyCan you imagine what goes into their weird thinking? Most have never run for any kind of office yet are keen to play Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.

Have they done Meals on Wheels, dressed as Santa in Santa Claus Parades in town, driven for the Cancer Society, manned a Sally Ann kettle at Christmas,  produce baseball stats for the county league, refereed at hockey or umpired at baseball?

Have they ever been League of Mercy members, marched in Legion parades, served in the military or Army cadets? Are they blood donors or blood suckers? What have they done? What are they individually proud of, what makes their families and relatives proud of them?

Anyone can swim in a cesspool if one is that silly…..but the majority of Midlanders can see through this odd self-serving group of trouble makers not trouble solvers.

Naturally Midland and North Simcoe needs much better than the misfit political stance these string pullers openly display for their own edification. Guess they don’t have any mirrors in their homes.


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Something Smells Bad At Town Hall

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