St Margaret’s Bells Broken

St Margaret’s Bells Broken


We recently suffered jet lag following a Rhine River Cruise, but for the life of us, we couldn’t understand why we continued to go to bed early and then sleep in late.

After visiting our busy grand kids in Mississauga we started to go to sleep later, as in much later.  The sleeping in still confused us, then we realized the bells at St. Margaret’s Roman Catholic Church down Church Lane behind our home we not working.

No 8 AM bells, no 12 noon bells, no 6PM bells.  Normally the bells rang three times, three times and then 19 more times. Carillons from  St. Mark’s Anglican Lutheran Church next to us play on the hour from 8 AM to 7 PM.  According to Father Jim who was out walking Rusty, the bells are broken and it has been difficult to find someone who can fix them.

St. Margaret's Bells Being Installed | Huronia Museum
St. Margaret’s Bells Being Installed | Huronia Museum

My late uncle made and tuned church organs, not many of them left.  There was a time when one could have his horses “shoed” but that is slowly becoming a lost art  as well.  There are a few chimney sweeps left and so it must be in the church bell fixing industry.

Decades ago at The Free Press when photographing a pix for a daylight saving story…..I climbed up to the bell tower at St. Margaret’s, flung opened the hatch and stuck my head out like some scared ground hog, I looked overhead, snapped pictures of the bells and with my heart beating retreat I scampered back downstairs faster than you could say an “Our Father”.

So to Fr. Jim and members of St. Margaret’s we wish you God Speed in finding a true church bells fixer upper.  Meanwhile maybe we can arrange for Rusty to bark extra loud at the Rectory to wake us up, say around 7:30 AM, Monday through Friday. Meanwhile it will have to suffice watching Bing Crosby in Bells of St. Mary’s.  Carpe Diem.

Some background on why churches ring the bells:


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St Margaret’s Bells Broken

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