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Local Success Stories Are Awesome

Local Success Stories Are Awesome


Having hung my hat in Huronia since 1960, it always makes one happy when new businesses come to town and quickly become success stories. Three come to mind and we are certain other names will come to mind in your homes.

Stacker’s at the top of William Street is a double success story, first in Barrie then here in Midland. Took only a few months for Stacker’s to expand and now open 7 days a week from 6 am to 3 pm. On weekends as many as 50-60 cars can be spotted one time  parked at the eatery which also offers a varied luncheon menu. And when it comes to coffee, refills come fast and furious.

Meanwhile Happy Soles is the brand new  foot care facility on Balm Beach Road.  Elicia Augusto is the owner operator. Born and raised in the Sault she’s already quickly becoming part of the community although commuting  back and forth from Barrie for now. We wish her every success.

Tradewindz on the 13th Concession of Tiny Township boast a riding stable,  horse back riding lessons centre, and since one is wed to a wonderful Dutch lady, Tradewindz  is also wholesaler of Dutch treats: cookies, Indonesian spices, licorice salted and otherwise. No more packing a ruck sack full of Dutch sweets in Amsterdam and lugging them back home and it takes only 17 minutes to drive to the 13th vs seven hours in a KLM robins egg blue passenger plane, one way.

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Local Success Stories Are Awesome

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