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We Take Hydro For Granted

We Take Hydro For Granted


A lengthy hydro outage in parts of Midland today shows how much we take hydro for granted. Dutch relatives visiting us couldn’t send e-mails back to Netherlands since they couldn’t tap into Wi-Fi.   We offered them lemonade from a fridge that was slowly losing its cold.  Traffic lights in centre of town weren’t working. We are certain you have your own no hydro service interesting stories .

Yet many take hydro and other municipal services for granted from fresh water we drink  to police and firefighters,  rom public works to our library.  While Midland debates selling all or part of the PUC….it would be wise to rethink the entire proposition.

Our PUC is a money-maker, always has been, always will. Dumping the PUC to pay off other debts is a dumb move…….selling any municipal asset makes very little sense as does going OPP or eventually operating an all part-time volunteer fire department.

Just as there are fewer family farms across our nation, having been scooped up by larger enterprises, villages, towns and cities must think not twice but three times before they start off loading valuable municipal assets.

With the damage to the lines at Hwy 12 near the shrine repaired, the lights came back on around 8:15PM tonight.


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We Take Hydro For Granted

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