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The Real Question Is: What If ?

The Real Question Is: What If ?


What if your community had no fire department, no police department, no schools? What if the only hospital in your municipality was under financial stress and the nearest one about was an hour away? To say the least you would be miffed.  What if your Premier was blind when it came to the Province’s present health care crisis petitions? To be polite you’d be vexed.

We have no idea why Queen’s Park  is short-changing our hospitals. Premier Kathleen Wynne would rather promote wine and beer sales in grocery stores and approve $9,000 a plate fund-raisers. She’d rather urge each of her cabinet ministers/front benchers to raise $500,000 apiece to ramp up the Party’s  war chest. As more and more nurses are being laid off across Ontario, more doctors moving out of province and more hospital departments being shuttered, Wynne sadly appears to be less interested in Ontario’s growing health needs crisis.

One can’t believe she doesn’t realize that what she is doing is simply paving the way for Patrick Brown’s Tories winning the next provincial election by a land slide. Wynne’s sense of reality is waning when it comes to dwindling health care here in Yours to Discover. She might be wise to retire so as to stop all of this unnecessary  hospital bloodletting.


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  1. I have no confidence that the Tories would do any better. Mike Harris gutted health care. Bob Rae was busted up because of 13 Rae days per employee and these guys just keep making the bureaucracy larger and wealthier. The people of Ontario are be served up on a political platter whenever it comes to health care. It is very easy to sit on the opposition side of the house and express righteous indignation but the opposition has a very bad record provincially re health care.

  2. Agreed, we tried to make that very point in our GBGH cuts story today. And now, they are talking about more layers to that expensive onion by creating mini-lhin or sub-lhins…

    1. Just keep spending the finite health care dollars on pencil pushers and make sure buddies get a big fat pension while you hit health care and then tell all of us who are getting old and paid huge taxes through our working years” there there now now it will be ok we are going to just make you travel for your care and oh if you lose a daughter or grandchild on their way to nowhere for OB care it will be ok”. Let the community take over paying off the debt and give us the funding needed to run a hospital for the size of our community and get out.

    2. Even more disheartening is that the public fundraising dollars are prohibited from being used on operational costs or debt stemming from those costs. Even if someone came up with the 10m and gave s bag of cash to the board it could not be used to pay that debt off.

    3. yes exactlty so the hospital can never get out of that stanglehold unless the LHIN forks over the money which they should have done years ago. They have held the hospital, Board, staff and physicians hostage. Its like being on an endless chain and never knowing when the chain is going to be cut and you are dropped off the deep end.

  3. They don’t even read their own auditors report why the hell would they listen to the community. It is totally frustrating. The who shooting bunch of them need to be fired and the government dumped right now. Too bad Ontario does not have recall legislation.

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The Real Question Is: What If ?

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