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Tim Horton’s Boardroom – No Place For Women?

Tim Horton’s Boardroom – No Place For Women?


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While Trudeau believes in parity with as many males as females on his front benches, and even Premiere Wynne is shuffling her cabinet for some balance, don’t look for parity in Tim Horton Stores’ HQ.

The company that owns Tim Hortons voted against having any females on its board.  The old school tie guys don’t mind paying males and females working at their coffee shops…
Now isn’t that special.  The glass ceiling in the board office at HQ will not be broken any time soon.  So to hell with your lucrative double double and boston cream money making machine, women have a right to feel outraged by this turn of events.
Those females aspiring to be part of the mother of all coffee outlets can forget seeking a spot on the board of directors for now until shareholders get up in arms and demand a fairer playing field.
Just like the catsup fiasco not using Canadian tomatoes maybe it is time for 50 percent of coffee drinkers who are female to go elsewhere for their java fix.  As a one time shareholder in the company, I am now glad I sold my stock some years ago after reading this male-only bastion Hortons HQ will remain the norm until the good old boys are forced out of their “wink wink nudge nudge” male only positions around the board room.


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  1. Sad to see that these men can’t do math…
    They are risking losing out on a whole lot of talent that could prevent them from making costly decisions such as this one..
    How sad.

  2. All happening while Grounded Coffee is promoting and selling fair trade coffee from a women run , global organization called Cafe Femenino. Time for some of the public to better inform themselves, and vote with their dollars when purchasing something as little as a $2.oo cup of coffee.

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Tim Horton’s Boardroom – No Place For Women?

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