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Town Focused On Selling Valuable Assets

Town Focused On Selling Valuable Assets


First Midland thought it would be neat to off load some valuable park land, now our lucrative PUC is up for grabs. Queen’s Parks wants us to use more hydro than gas….so what’s the rush to sell a money maker to another agency?

At the rate fire sales are going, up next will be dumping our police force in lieu of OPP and eventually opting for an almost all volunteer fire department. At this rate why have another ice pad built in the town when the sludge ponds at the water pollution plant, if they freeze over in the winter could be perfect to skate on and truly  fit the bill. Okay, just kidding.

Selling municipal assets could eventually  bite council in the back side if not careful unless down the road willing to sell their first born. For every action there is a reaction…..town fathers should expect more reaction if they get carried away and continue selling all the good stuff for the sake of getting out of the red, a position they got us into in the first place.


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Town Focused On Selling Valuable Assets

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