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Town Hall Drama Is Nothing New

Town Hall Drama Is Nothing New


Our library, town hall, hospital and a number of other news makers have been in the spotlights but apparently maybe for the wrong thing.  Historically, municipalities go through strange news cycles. If you find a source where you can browse through local papers from the past you can read about the ups and downs of a community.  

Because a municipality contains human beings here’s the rub: not all people are objective, some are biased, some are self-serving, some try to pull strings, others, and thank goodness it usually is the majority, want the best for their communities.

For any organization it is a tough row to hoe but hoe they must with the best interest of the whole, paramount.  And so we believe in good time all the issues above will be resolved and it again will be water under the bridge, much as were those gut wrenching, soul-searching issues settled decades ago without any blood being spilled – well okay a pitcher of water was thrown at a fiery council meeting, but there was no blood-letting , it says here in small type.


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Town Hall Drama Is Nothing New

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