Truck Safety On Our Roads

Truck Safety On Our Roads


A number of central Ontario police forces including OPP are pulling over unsafe trucks and trailers and going over them with a fine tooth comb at a well-known  Highway 400 entertainment centre parking lot.  So far they have turned up a bunch of hum-dingers. Under inflated inside dual wheel tires on 18 wheelers has been common. Missing bolts and lug nuts are right up there. The beat goes on…….it has been estimated one in 10 trucks on the road today have some kind of problem making it unsafe to be near our busy highways.

To use the Autobahn in Germany vehicles must undergo rigorous standards before being allowed to literally fly down the highway at 250 mph or more. Buses are limited to 100 mph! By the way less accidents have been reported over the past five years zipping along these highways. There is no way in God’s green acres that vehicles in Canada will ever be allowed to go hell bent for leather as they do in Germany.

Mind you OPP on a daily basis clock joy riders exceeding speeds limits in Ontario by 50-60 km/h above posted speeds limits. So getting unsafe vehicles off our roads is a great start….the icing on the cake, clamping down on careless morons who think they are driving in the Indy 500 or down a German Autobahn!  One too many viewings of movies like the fast and furious seem to inspire some drivers to emulate the fantasies portrayed on the silver screen.


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Truck Safety On Our Roads

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