Turning Wine Into Water

Turning Wine Into Water


A little history lesson… back in the late 1700’s a well-known European Jewish village was best known for its wonderful tasting wine. Almost everyone in the community was associated with the winery. Some pruned vines, others tended to acres of products, others picked the fruit at the proper time.  Grapes were trampled upon, juice stored in oak barrels and kept in proper temperatures in a huge darkened cave.

Upon learning of the finest wine in the country, village elders were notified the King would like to visit the village and taste for himself the fruits of their labour. Council decided to have a huge 18 foot oak cask built complete with golden spout erected in the town square.  It was decided that it would be the king’s honour to open the spigot and pour a golden chalice full of its wonderful tasting contents.

A notice was sent out asking each resident to pour one of their bottles of wine into the huge cask. It meant going to the square, climbing a tall ladder and pouring their good wine into the huge barrel.   They all had been allowed by the winery to keep a dozen bottles of the glorious wine in their homes to mark the pending occasion.

A relatively newcomer to town…..wasn’t prepared to part with even one ounce of his wine ……so he convinced about a dozen of his closest followers to fill their wine bottles with water and dump it into the huge cask that had been erected at town square.

When the royal party arrived the following day, council was looking forward to the King tasting/enjoying the wine and naming the community the best in the realm. After tapping open the monstrous barrel the king filled his  golden chalice with wine, tasted it and immediately spat it out.  In a rage he shut down the winery and jailed members of village council.

The newcomer’s idea, cost the community’s future…..for he didn’t realize a few bottles of water in a vat of wine ended up changing wine into water!  As for the newcomer, fearing he would be stoned, he disappeared in the dark of night, never to be seen or heard from again.

Those who fail to learn from the past are destined to repeat it.


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Turning Wine Into Water

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