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How To Use A Four Way Stop (for dummies)


new-signsElizabeth and King streets’ four way stop has a new look. Four additional stop signs have been planted right in the middle of all streets! Yet when we spent 15 minutes from 6:30 pm to  6:45 pm we saw for ourselves from pretty startling incidents: 31 drivers did rolling stops, eight raced through and 15 came to a complete stop. And yes some motorists could have touched signs northbound on King and yet they ripped through, eyes ahead and neither looking left or right.  Elsewhere on this blog you can read Midland Police Services stats since they have been monitoring this busy location. So freebie “rolling stops”, and “race throughs” should be stopped NOW and ticketed. Illegal driving is still illegal. Sorry folks you break the law you pay the piper!

And now the noon news on CKMP by Running of Bulls. This week a four way stop erected at Elizabeth and King streets in Midland has garnered much attention..  After several weeks of informing Midlanders the four way stop would be in effect this past Monday, the red letter day has come and gone.  

Police have been monitoring the intersection and already have produced some amazing stats…..Drivers not stopping at all but racing through and others doing rolling stops and thank goodness drivers coming to a complete stop. Based on calls, complaints and suggestions, police have now opted to have four more stops signs placed in the centre of King and Elizabeth as drivers approach the main intersection.  

Next to sliced bread and next month’s very popular Butter Tart Festival, CKMP reporters out in the field tell us here at 1230 Radio the four way stop has gained lots of traction. One long time listener suggests one go to YouTube and Google what to do when approaching a four stop (see video above).

This is Sunnie Warmer with the news…up next In Memorium……sorry no one died today!


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How To Use A Four Way Stop (for dummies)

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