Will This Be The Council?

Will This Be The Council?


Every municipal election, voters hope council they pick will be the one that works together and doesn’t find itself composed of various vested interest teams who normally vote as a block.

Voters are never overly impressed by unusual numbers of secret in-camera sessions. They want transparency, lots of it, as candidates on hustings often make part of their platforms. There have been name calling council meetings, water throwing incidents, assorted teams ganging up on other members and closed meetings until cows have come home.
Our last council was certainly well above average contrary to what a gaggle of string-pullers thought and didn’t endorse. When the late Harold “shorty” Boyd was mayor things got done in a well-mannered fashion…..the same is true when Moreland Lynn and Ted Symons were heads of council. They were honourable municipal leaders and that is all taxpayers wanted.

And there are those who remembered when the late Charlie Parker was mayor.  He was unique to say the least  but he loved Midland and if called out early in the morning concerning a sewage mishap one could find him there mopping up a messy basement. A mystery to some he was still a  good-hearted person in his own way.
Micro ManagerThere will be a times when the current town council is compared to previous ones, the same will be true of  our police services board. It will be interesting to see how history judges both groups. The jury is still out.


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Will This Be The Council?

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