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You Can’t Make A Silk Purse From A Sow’s Ear

As more Ontario municipalities are rejecting the results of OPP costings to take over their police forces, here at home town council continues to dither on a clear cut issue. There will be NO SAVINGS if Midland police service is taken over by the OPP. Period! It would appear town fathers are waiting for some […]

GBGH Volunteers Saluted

GBGH volunteers were saluted for a just cause last week: Volunteer Week.  There are approximately 200 or so male and female volunteers at our hospital, some logging well over two decades of dedicated service.  Since the auxiliary was founded well over a century ago, volunteers have raised millions of dollars. Volunteers can be found in both the […]

Let’s Recap Where The Town Of Midland Stands

Word has it that Midland Bay Landing is dead as a door knob. What a lesson in counting chickens before they are hatched.  And speaking of bad, off loading a downtown parking lot was/is bad……so are the dozens upon dozens in-camera meetings at town hall. So much for a transparent local government.  Trying to convince Midlanders we […]

Wynne Plans On Proroguing Ontario Legislature

In a new report found the Toronto Star today, it seems the beleaguered Liberals are using parliamentary process to try to rescue their party’s spiralling support in opinion polls and fresh on the loss the Scarborough seat to the PC candidate last week.  Perhaps the deep dissatisfaction that much of Ontario has for her party […]

Cho Wins For PCs In Scarborough Despite Media Circus

The best “dumb question” was asked by a member of the media regarding the PC win in the by-election in Scarborough Rouge River. As you can imagine it centred around a letter sent out to voters suggesting Patrick Brown, Ontario PC leader, if elected Premier in 2018, would scrap elementary schools’s sex-ed ciriculum. The author later […]

Youth Day At CNE Filled With Violence – Again

CNE will decide later this year if the CNE next summer will include Youth Day. For the second year in a row violence broke out and the evening was cut short for tens of thousands of young people who literally seemed to take over CNE Grounds. Once violence broke out mayhem followed. Additional police and […]

Sex Ed Curriculum Brown’s Achilles Heel

Major Metro newspapers would have you believe Wynne’s sex-ed curriculum has become Ontario Tory Party Leader’s Patrick Brown’s “Achilles heel”. This follows a letter sent this week to voters in the riding of Scarborough Rouge River, who go to the polls Sept. 1 during a significant by-election. Grits have held the riding since the beginning […]

Last Week’s News Filled With Town Hall Dysfunction

Stories in last week’s Midland Mirror and Our Midland.ca don’t paint a pretty picture of the goings on at town hall, surprise, surprise.  Layoffs and firings, coupled with golden parachutes, friction between some council members and staff paint a rather ugly picture of how the town finds itself deep in debt. Known for its dozens and dozens […]

Midland Going To The Birds?

Do you know that Midland has no bylaw covering the number of birds that folks can feed in the town? A friend complained that over the past few years, birds, namely pigeons are using his home’s roof as resting area, washroom and meeting centre for flocks of pigeons in particular. We drove past their home […]