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Have Your Say: How Are You Likely Going To Vote On June 7th?

Based on what you currently know about each candidate and leader, which Provincial party will you be voting for? Vote and share this poll and let’s help predict the outcome of the election on June 7th. Unsure?  Here is a resource that might help you out before you vote: http://torontosun.com/news/provincial/ontario-election-101 Based on what you currently know […]

Ontario NDP Launches New Campaign Video Looking For Your Vote

Watch the new video above.  Kathleen Wynne’s sell-off of Hydro One has driven up hydro bills across Ontario and now we know her latest scheme will cost Ontarians billions more in the long run. We’re all paying the price for her bad decisions. The Conservatives are no alternative – They don’t have a plan to […]

Team Dunlop Set To Open Campaign Office In Midland

Jill Dunlop, the North Simcoe PC candidate and her team invite you to attend the grand opening of the Midland campaign office on Monday May 7th between 4pm – 6pm at 354 King Street, Midland. Source: Submission (140) Share With Your Friends & Followers

Shared: Green Party Meet and Greet with Mike Shreiner

The Green Party of Ontario leader, Mike Shreiner will be in Orillia for a breakfast meet and greet. This will happen at the Eclectic Cafe, Mississauga Street West from 9:30- 10:30 am Friday April 13th. Mike will also be at French’s Hill, Waverley at approximately 1 pm. Join this dynamic individual and learn about the […]

Province Fails To Hold The Line On OPP Salaries

We have been following the costs of policing in Ontario and specifically in Midland ever since learning that Council was looking at contracting the OPP to police Midland instead of continuing to fund our century-old community police service. In the press release that followed the Midland Police wage increases early in 2016, the Midland Police […]

Wynne Plans On Proroguing Ontario Legislature

In a new report found the Toronto Star today, it seems the beleaguered Liberals are using parliamentary process to try to rescue their party’s spiralling support in opinion polls and fresh on the loss the Scarborough seat to the PC candidate last week.  Perhaps the deep dissatisfaction that much of Ontario has for her party […]

Cho Wins For PCs In Scarborough Despite Media Circus

The best “dumb question” was asked by a member of the media regarding the PC win in the by-election in Scarborough Rouge River. As you can imagine it centred around a letter sent out to voters suggesting Patrick Brown, Ontario PC leader, if elected Premier in 2018, would scrap elementary schools’s sex-ed ciriculum. The author later […]

Sex Ed Curriculum Brown’s Achilles Heel

Major Metro newspapers would have you believe Wynne’s sex-ed curriculum has become Ontario Tory Party Leader’s Patrick Brown’s “Achilles heel”. This follows a letter sent this week to voters in the riding of Scarborough Rouge River, who go to the polls Sept. 1 during a significant by-election. Grits have held the riding since the beginning […]

Liberal Fundraisers At It Again

You say you can’t afford a $7,000 a plate dinner with one of Premier Wynne’s bag men? You might get a call there are cheaper munch and mingles on the horizon. Once media got word each cabinet minister was ordered to raise $1million per person to fill campaign coffers, the jig was up. Well okay […]