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Local Students Heading To Europe for Vimy 2017

More than 400 students and staff from secondary schools in the Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) are travelling to Europe this spring to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. The County of Simcoe and the Nottawasaga Inn Resort have provided commemorative clothing for the students and staff who are travelling […]

Bobby Curtola, former Canadian teen idol, dead at 73

Teen Town idol Bobby Curtola has died in his 74th year. The Thunder Bay pop idol fiancé’s death in a car crash earlier this year’s just weeks before they were to be married, was a shocker as well.  Curtola, a member of the Order of Canada, recorded his first best seller when he was just 16 […]

The Late Pete Pettersen Had A Great Idea

Back in 1960 the late Pete Pettersen, who operated both junior and senior ski jumps at Mountain View Skill Hills, had a great idea and in 1960 it was Canada’s tallest ski jump tower. A summer ski jumping competition drew competitors and fans both far and wide. Instead of landing on snow, competitors settled down […]

70th Wedding Anniversary!

It isn’t that often you hear of a couple celebrating their 70th anniversary, but Midland’s Frank and Mary Graham are. They are really Mom and Dad Graham to generations of young people. Frank, Mr. Royal Canadian Legion, and wife Mary, a woman of many skills and passions have been an institution in town it would […]

Name Some 60+ Year Midland Businesses

Driving home the other day, one got thinking about the number of very successful Midland businesses that have existed here for more than 60 years. Aside from a number of churches and schools, we managed to come up with nearly a dozen names. But you can bet your bottom dollar there are more.  How many can […]

Walking The Beat

What did Tom Currie, Ross Willett, Bill Campbell, Murray Tamblyn,  John Lawrence, Ernie Bates, Jack Charlebois, Tim Vaillancourt, Larry Hembruff,  Danny Gilbert, Joe Reynolds and Mike Osborne have in common? They loved to walk the beat. Why, you ask? They were people persons well before pro-active, community based policing was a buzz word.  During the wee hours of […]

Midland’s Long Health Service History

If one is aware of the health care history in Midland, then it is but a short leap to imagine that the friendly ghost of Miss Emma Baker wanders the halls of Georgian Bay Hospital as she did at the old St. Andrew’s. Miss Baker, the Mother Theresa of her era was the initial superintendent […]

Wintering Ships In Midland Harbour

As ice leading into Midland Harbour becomes thicker,  is expected only one grain carrier this year will winter here at the foot of King Street. There was a time less than a century ago literally dozens of ships of all sizes wintered in Midland.  It was estimated one ship might add to the town’s  coffers $40,000 per vessel: […]

CKMP Radio Tower Woes Of Old

There was a time when the old CKMP’s 100 foot tower was located in a farmer’s field atop a hill about 2,000 feet from south shore of Little Lake well west of Smith’s Mobile Home Park.  All one had to do before signing out at 6 am was to power up the transmitter, warm up  record players, […]