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Ontario NDP Launches New Campaign Video Looking For Your Vote

Watch the new video above.  Kathleen Wynne’s sell-off of Hydro One has driven up hydro bills across Ontario and now we know her latest scheme will cost Ontarians billions more in the long run. We’re all paying the price for her bad decisions. The Conservatives are no alternative – They don’t have a plan to […]

Team Dunlop Set To Open Campaign Office In Midland

Jill Dunlop, the North Simcoe PC candidate and her team invite you to attend the grand opening of the Midland campaign office on Monday May 7th between 4pm – 6pm at 354 King Street, Midland. Source: Submission (65) Share With Your Friends & Followers

Gerry Marshall Campaigns Before Writ Has Dropped – Electioneering

The election writ has yet to drop and begin the campaigning for another term of Provincial leadership and yet see this sign erected by a local mayor and County Warden.  It’s a disgrace that the county Warden does not step aside when he is clearly in a conflict of interest. He is clearly making decisions […]

Warren Kinsella’s Letter to Justin Trudeau

Warren Kinsella is a Canadian lawyer, author, musician, political consultant, and commentator, based in Toronto, Ontario. Kinsella has written commentary in most of Canada’s major newspapers and several magazines, including The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Sun Ottawa Citizen, the National Post and The Walrus. “The right thing to do never requires any subterfuge, it […]

The Town of Midland has a real problem regarding criminal activity

The Town of Midland has a real problem regarding the criminal activity that’s been allowed to fester at the Midland Public Library and the outdoor space beyond its doors. By this, I mean the liability to the Town of Midland, the Mayor, Council, Law Enforcement and the Library Board, regarding the health and safety of […]