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No guarantee that there will be any officers in Midland

RE: Move to OPP could save $7.8 million over 10 years: report, The Mirror, July 27, 2017 The report just released by the consultant is based on 3 years of known costs guaranteed by a contract while the next 7 years are forecasts. While OPP officials reportedly called the forecasts “reasonable” they would not validate […]

New Bayshore Drive Parking A Concern

My share is a concern regarding Bay Shore parking. The sight lines at intersections are a safety issue and parking on the south side could be a disaster in the making. With the curves in the road, I am haunted by a vision of a child rushing to get to the north side park and […]

You Can’t Make A Silk Purse From A Sow’s Ear

As more Ontario municipalities are rejecting the results of OPP costings to take over their police forces, here at home town council continues to dither on a clear cut issue. There will be NO SAVINGS if Midland police service is taken over by the OPP. Period! It would appear town fathers are waiting for some […]

Local Resident’s Policing Question Appears On Council Agenda

In the ONLY letter to council to actually be posted online since the Mayor, on February 8th, asked residents to submit written questions to the town’s clerk, we’ve discovered one on this week’s Council Information Package on the town’s website.  Although many other letters have been sent and referenced in one set of minutes from […]