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A Threat To Our Drinking Water Re-Emerges

The meeting involving Dufferin Aggregate was very enlightening. Either the Dufferin people were very naive or just not wanting to show their cards. They had no idea about who was in the audience. They had no idea about collaboration. Certainly limited in knowledge or just faking it. Had no knowledge of the legal ramification of […]

Destroying The Waverley Uplands

An open letter: Dear Minister McGarry, I find it extremely unconscionable that your ministry has recently informed the Township of Tiny in a letter that it had consented to eight amendments to the site plan of the Beamish gravel pit. These included: · An increase in the depth of extraction · Allowing the importation into the […]

Keeping Midland police means presence at community events without additional fees

I have been keeping myself aware of this debate and attended one of the information meetings. I want MPS to stay in my town. I want a school and community officer dedicated to my town. The service and attention we get cannot be beat by having the same number of officers available for the entire […]

Midland Police Senior Officers Publish Service Level Comparisons

Midland Police just tweeted a document that compares service levels that should have been part of the Town’s analysis – but for some reason, were left out of the CAO’s report. The town publishes wrong numbers, misleading conclusions and leaves out service level comparisons. You’d almost think that they are trying to sway public opinion […]