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Midland Council Curiosities – Edition #12

Midland Council released their Strategic Plan at their March 6, 2019 Council Agenda. It is a rather lengthy list that details a number of priorities for the next four years. The list will make an excellent scorecard from which to judge how this Council performs during their term. County restructuring will have a significant impact […]

OPSEU: I urge you to opt out of privatized cannabis now

Dear Municipal Candidates: I am following up on a previous letter regarding Premier Doug Ford’s flawed scheme to download private cannabis shops onto municipalities. It has come to my attention that some municipal councils are unaware of their options. I also want to share results of a Nanos poll that OPSEU commissioned so you and […]

Shared: Curious Midlander 2018 Council Picks

OPINION – (contributed content) The upcoming Municipal election has generated some curiosities. The major focus for Midland taxpayers should be two fold: first of all you need to be informed on what each candidate stands for and how they will represent your best interest and secondly, you need to exercise your democratic privilege and duty […]

Midland Bay Landing turned over to non elected members to manage?

I would like know if what has come my way is just hear say or if in fact it is true. The property known as Midland Bay Landing has been turned over to non elected members of Midland council to manage, members of our community mentioned in a story I read a day ago. Someone […]

Curious Midlander Vol 8 – What Will Next Council Look Like

With the nomination deadline fast approaching for the 2018 Municipal elections, we are curious to see who has submitted their nominations and why there are very few Midlanders who have declared their intentions to seek election to Midland Council. As of July 13, there is only one nomination each for Mayor and Deputy Mayor, one […]


Ever wonder what motivates a person to run for municipal council? Is it the fame? The glory? The outstanding pay? (If you run into anyone says they’re running for any of those reasons, you should immediately give them a high-five to wake them from their pipe dream) Here are my top five BAD reasons to […]

Ontario NDP Launches New Campaign Video Looking For Your Vote

Watch the new video above.  Kathleen Wynne’s sell-off of Hydro One has driven up hydro bills across Ontario and now we know her latest scheme will cost Ontarians billions more in the long run. We’re all paying the price for her bad decisions. The Conservatives are no alternative – They don’t have a plan to […]