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Illegal Dumping Of Trash – What Can Be Done?

[responsivevoice_button voice=”UK English Female” buttontext=”Listen to Article”] After reading online about a Mississauga couple who were charged with dumping trash illegally, and then another article on Simcoe.com about the same issue in Adjala-Tosorontio, the local problem sprang to mind again. Midland, and the surrounding communities, have this very same problem of illegal dumping.  We’ve read […]

Midland Adopts Breastfeeding Friendly Policy

The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit gave a presentation to Council this evening asking for public support of their “Breastfeeding Friendly Places” campaign.  It seems that there is still some reluctance to accept the practice of breastfeeding in public and the presenters reported at least one local incident where a mother and baby were asked to leave the […]

Shared Taxi Licences With Penetang & Ride Sharing (UBER)

A topic at tonight’s Council meeting sees the Town of Midland recommending some changes to taxi licencing and the possible inclusion of ride sharing services like Uber and others.   The staff report says “The broader taxi industry itself has been undergoing significant changes in many of the large urban centres due to the disruptive transformation […]

Council Will Have To Remove Secondary Suite 3yr Exclusion

When Council decided that the best solution to the “are they or are they not duplexes” was not to clean up their definitions but instead to put a restriction on secondary suites so they could not be added to a new home or homes less than 3yrs old, many saw this as a knee-jerk reaction to […]

Council Asks Police For Opinion About ATV On Local Roads

In a letter addressed to Council for tonight’s Council meeting, it seems that the Chief of Police Michael Osborne was asked to provide comments about the potential for Council to make bylaws that would pave the way for ATV (all terrain vehicles) to be allowed to operate on some or all of Midland streets, parks […]

Midland Going To The Birds?

Do you know that Midland has no bylaw covering the number of birds that folks can feed in the town? A friend complained that over the past few years, birds, namely pigeons are using his home’s roof as resting area, washroom and meeting centre for flocks of pigeons in particular. We drove past their home […]