Curious Midlander Vol 8 – What Will Next Council Look Like

With the nomination deadline fast approaching for the 2018 Municipal elections, we are curious to see who has submitted their nominations and why there are very few Midlanders who have declared their intentions to seek election to Midland Council. As of July 13, there is only one nomination each for Mayor and Deputy Mayor, one […]


Ever wonder what motivates a person to run for municipal council? Is it the fame? The glory? The outstanding pay? (If you run into anyone says they’re running for any of those reasons, you should immediately give them a high-five to wake them from their pipe dream) Here are my top five BAD reasons to […]

Curious Midlander Vol:7 Salaries, Non Disclosure & Parkland For Sale Again?

All levels of government have an obligation to be open and transparent and accountable to their taxpayers. One of the ways that Municipal Government follows this direction is by submitting the annual wages of employees who earn more than $100,000 to the Province which then publishes this information on all municipalities in Ontario. Whether or […]

The nomination period for the 2018 Municipal Election is now open! Who’s Running?

The nomination period for the 2018 Municipal Election is now open! Are you considering being candidate? Visit for more information! will be featuring every declared candidate who chooses to share their bio and campaign with us.  Are you running?  Send in your details, which ward or position you are running for and why […]

Councillor File Takes CAO To Task Over Unsanctioned Legal Action

Councillor File questions CAO John Skorobohacz about his unauthorized legal action that he brought against local political news site after the site published an editorial commenting on why the CAO’s $180,000 yearly salary (and others) were missing from the 2017 Sunshine List… the observations were backed up with facts and evidence supporting that observation […]

Town To Impose New Social Media Policy For Staff

It seems as if John Skorobohacz, Midland’s CAO is set to further control the information flow from town staffers when they interact with local media and social media groups such as  This policy’s rebirth follows previous attempts by the town to control what information gets leaked, especially where the information is not flattering about how […]

Buck passing and denial with respect to issues at our library

At this week’s council meeting, I witnessed excuses. buck passing and denial with respect to issues at our library. I take my hat off to the dedicated and courageous library staff who seem to be the ones taking a hit, when it is their efforts that are filling the void and keeping the public informed […]

Savings… What Savings? Missing Sunshine List Recipients & More

A number of new curiosities have drawn our interest this past month. Hopefully these curiosities will spark some interest from the Midland taxpayers and perhaps may even lead to some truthful answers from Midland Council and/or the Senior Administrative staff: The TRUE costs of disbanding Midland Police Service Now that the arbitration process has been […]