Heated Meeting Ends In A Unanimous Welcome To Barnstormer Brewing

In a contributed piece by one of our members at large who live tweeted from tonight’s council meeting, it seems the contentious Bay Street parking lot issue has been put to rest as Council reportedly voted unanimously to complete the deal with Barnstormer Brewing.  More details about this project will come later but in the […]

Opposition Continues To Mount Against Bay Street Lot Sale

In open letters served upon the Mayor and Council, opposition to the secret land sale deal of the downtown Bay Street parking lot continues to mount.  The following have been added to this coming Monday’s Council meeting agenda and seem to bring up points beyond the procedural skullduggery surrounding the disposal of yet another Town […]

What’s The Bottom Line On The King Street Renewal

It s interesting that Midland wants to revamp the main street. Some changes may be beneficial but looking at the rendering in the Mirror, I just wonder if winter conditions have been considered in the equation. There is also the fact that Midland’s main street is located between two sizeable elevations within a block east […]