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Buck passing and denial with respect to issues at our library

At this week’s council meeting, I witnessed excuses. buck passing and denial with respect to issues at our library. I take my hat off to the dedicated and courageous library staff who seem to be the ones taking a hit, when it is their efforts that are filling the void and keeping the public informed […]

Peterborough Tries Out Private Security In Downtown Core

Submitted by a contributor this morning, this story is rather timely. Peterborough’s downtown BIA has taken the unusual step of hiring a private security firm to patrol the downtown ward and given them the title of “ambassadors”.  They are not in body armour and don’t have the tell tale utility belts and their role seems […]

New Bayshore Drive Parking A Concern

My share is a concern regarding Bay Shore parking. The sight lines at intersections are a safety issue and parking on the south side could be a disaster in the making. With the curves in the road, I am haunted by a vision of a child rushing to get to the north side park and […]

Bravo! Butter Tart Festival 2017 Puts Midland On The Map

This year’s Butter Tart Festival this past Saturday saw the crowning of The Maid’s Cottage as “best in show” for 2017. The event was well attended with counts estimated as high as 50,000 which would beat last year’s estimate of around 30,000. The weather co-operated with one of the best Saturdays we’ve seen all year […]

Consar Fails To Deliver – Midland Bay Landing Project In Limbo

[responsivevoice_button voice=”UK English Female” buttontext=”Listen to Article”] According to a cheery (rainbows and unicorns) update from the Mayor this past week, the Midland Bay Landing development deal with Consar has officially been declared “dead”.  This outcome was foretold by most of the community for years but the Mayor’s blind faith in his chosen developer, purported […]

Heated Meeting Ends In A Unanimous Welcome To Barnstormer Brewing

In a contributed piece by one of our members at large who live tweeted from tonight’s council meeting, it seems the contentious Bay Street parking lot issue has been put to rest as Council reportedly voted unanimously to complete the deal with Barnstormer Brewing.  More details about this project will come later but in the […]

Opposition Continues To Mount Against Bay Street Lot Sale

In open letters served upon the Mayor and Council, opposition to the secret land sale deal of the downtown Bay Street parking lot continues to mount.  The following have been added to this coming Monday’s Council meeting agenda and seem to bring up points beyond the procedural skullduggery surrounding the disposal of yet another Town […]

Bay Street Parking Lot Sale – CAO Comments Concerning

In an article that appeared in the Midland Mirror on February 1st, we can see some pretty disturbing commentary from our new CAO about the careless and unilateral disposal of a valuable parking lot to the first developer to come sniffing around looking for a home for their new business. We sounded the alarms over […]

Fast Tracking Parking Lot Land Sale Not Good For Midland

Council’s decision to move quickly in declaring some town-owned land as “surplus” after a potential employer and developer came calling with a plan to build on that parking lot is raising many questions and pointing to more mismanagement of Town assets by this Council. A developer came to council with a plan and a desire […]