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Council Turns Down Offer To Sell Midland Bay Landing

Council had an in-camera (closed to the public) session before the Council meeting on Monday evening where an agenda item caught our attention.  It seems that a discussion ensued about an offer to purchase the Midland Bay Landing property.  The offer, which we have since learned was “unsolicited”, meaning the land was not offered up […]

Midland Bay Landing Deadline Has Come and Gone… Now What?

In an astute post on John Todd’s facebook group he asks the very same questions we have been asking for the past two years.  The problem now, is that the deadline has come and gone and the Town of Midland remains tight-lipped about his failed project…  This council’s now infamous lack of open and honest […]

Midland Bay Landing Status Update?

Our last investigation into the status of the Midland Bay Landing project resulted in some hasty press releases by Mayor Gord McKay and then CAO Carolynn Tripp to clear the air and come clean on what was really going on with the deal. With the upcoming “open house” this Thursday, we expect some more transparency […]

Updated! Midland Bay Landing Development Status

03NOV2015 – Councillor Cody Oschefski was asked about this story and took it upon himself to seek answers from the Town of Midland.  He was able to produce a document that explains the status of the project and, with his permission, we have published it here.  We thank Councillor Oschefski for providing this update and […]