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Save The Date! Open Format All Candidates Meet & Greet

You are invited to attend Midland’s FIRST and ONLY “open format” ALL Candidates Meet & Greet on Sunday September 16th from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the Georgian Bay Native Friendship Centre, 175 Yonge Street, Midland. This will be your opportunity to meet each candidate one-on-one and “ask your own questions“. No pre-submission required. No pre-scripted […]

Councillor File Takes CAO To Task Over Unsanctioned Legal Action

Councillor File questions CAO John Skorobohacz about his unauthorized legal action that he brought against local political news site OurMidland.ca after the site published an editorial commenting on why the CAO’s $180,000 yearly salary (and others) were missing from the 2017 Sunshine List… the observations were backed up with facts and evidence supporting that observation […]

Savings… What Savings? Missing Sunshine List Recipients & More

A number of new curiosities have drawn our interest this past month. Hopefully these curiosities will spark some interest from the Midland taxpayers and perhaps may even lead to some truthful answers from Midland Council and/or the Senior Administrative staff: The TRUE costs of disbanding Midland Police Service Now that the arbitration process has been […]

The Curious Midlander: 2018 Midland Budget Curiosities

Town Council had their first look at the 2018 budget on February 22nd and this document and related materials has raised more curiosities: Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation To register the Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation, there is a budget of $5,000 for legal fees and $750 for registration. The $750 fee is no doubt […]

Midland’s Service Delivery Review A Source Of Further Curiosities

In this 3rd edition, the Curious Midlander identifies yet more “curiosities” that much of Midland Council may hope goes un-noticed.  Those that follow OurMidland.ca will know that we exist to probe these issues and make them easily digested by the broader community.  In the ten months leading up to the 2018 Municipal Elections, we offer […]

Curious Midlander Asks More Questions About Town Issues

In our continued attempt to get clear and honest answers from our Mayor, Council and CAO John Skorobohacz on a variety of important issues to the Midland community, here is our next installment. Curious Midlander Edition #2 (Click this to read Edition 1) We have been researching these additional curiosities and are hoping Council and/or the […]

Town Launches A Survey For Service Delivery Improvements

“The Town prides itself on providing top-notch services to our residents and businesses.” said Midland Mayor Gord McKay. “This process will ensure we can deliver and maintain the types of services our community wants as efficiently as possible.” The survey can be found HERE: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/midlandcomsurvey) and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The survey will be […]

Town’s Cost Cutting and Low Wages Hurting Recruitment and Staff Retention

In a report from the CAO to Council, it seems that the town is having trouble attracting qualified candidates to fill the many vacancies and the service levels are suffering. This council has fired (or retired) more long-term experienced and dedicated staff than any before it.  The culling demanded by the non-elected lobby group, we’ve […]

The Sunshine List Is Out – But is it the Best Measurement?

Author: Ross McLean – Crime Power & Politics – March 27th, 2015 Are government salaries out of whack or inline with inflation and is that reasonable, in my opinion the Sunshine $100k test is out of touch with reality and distorts, just how out of whack Public Sector Salaries have become in relation to the […]