Edgehill Park

Remaining Edgehill Park OMB Funds Donated To “Next Door”

The remaining balance in the Save Edgehill Park bank account, setup to receive donations from the community to help fund the now-withdrawn OMB appeal has been donated to the efforts to keep the “Next Door” teen transitional lodge’s doors open.  The group vowed that any leftover funds from the effort would be donated to local […]

278 Letters Of Opposition Submitted To Simcoe County

This afternoon, 278 signed letters expressing concern and opposition to the County approval of Midland’s Official Plan Amendment #8 were turned over to the clerks for County Council’s consideration in their upcoming vote. In addition, we have provided the signatures of 1851 County residents (1150 of which identify as Midland residents) who signed a petition to stop […]

Public Awareness Campaign Video Launched

Please share this video to help raise awareness about this group, our website and our campaign to save Edgehill Park:The Grove by funding an OMB appeal. Click here to see how you can support the appeal. (110) Share With Your Friends & Followers