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Curious Midlander Asks More Questions About Town Issues

In our continued attempt to get clear and honest answers from our Mayor, Council and CAO John Skorobohacz on a variety of important issues to the Midland community, here is our next installment. Curious Midlander Edition #2 (Click this to read Edition 1) We have been researching these additional curiosities and are hoping Council and/or the […]

Midland’s Official Plan Attacks Private Property Owners

The Town of Midland is attempting to freeze private property by Heritage Designation without any notification to owners. 4, 000 acres in the Town of Midland are subject to arbitrary designation without any merit whatsoever including lands award to war veterans. The Official Plan, including the new Natural Heritage System, will be presented May 31, […]

Tiffin Homeowners Urge Council To Push Housing Minister

A recent revelation from Simcoe County’s planners and the Province that came from the lawyer that Midland Council retained to help navigate the modification to our Official Plan seems to indicate that any attempt to pass the proposed changes likely would face overturning by the Housing Ministry.  Council and the Tiffin Homeowner Association’s current position would see […]

Council Still Silent On Promised Midland Bay Landing Update

After in-camera meetings in August and September with both staff reports and an anticipated direct update from our conspicuously absent developer Ken Michaud, Council was to provide more transparency and update ratepayers and residents with the status of this project which from all accounts appears to be a non-starter boondoggle. Well Council?  You’ve had your […]

Have Your Say In The Future Of Snowmobiling In Midland

If you are to believe the farmer’s almanac, we have one heck of a snowy winter heading our way.  That is welcome news to snowmobile enthusiasts who suffered through last winter’s terrible conditions. If you are a user of the existing trail system or thinking of trying out a snow machine as a winter recreational […]

OMB Appeal Launched Against Secondary Unit Bylaw

An appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has been launched by lawyers for Jennark Homes over the passing of bylaw  2016-29 (ZBA-05-15) that prohibits secondary units/suites in any home less than three years old.  This follows a variety of backlash over “duplex-gate” that saw Jennark build new homes on Aberdeen Blvd that look like […]

Council Chooses Not To Pursue $140k In Development Fees

In what came as a shock to many in chambers as well as those following the meeting online via twitter, is that Council chose to accept a staff report to abandon any method of recovering the $140,000 in development charges (DC) missing from a creative application of the “secondary suites” exemptions by Jennark Homes, who built […]

Did The Town Get Hoodwinked For $140,000?

At Monday night’s Council meeting, George Dixon, a retired North York city solicitor and Aberdeen Blvd resident was on hand to answer questions stemming from his letter (below) where he alerts Council to what seems to be a slippery move by a developer that has resulted in the short-changing of local ratepayers of approximately $140,000 in […]

Tiffin Homeowners Call To Action Surrounding Planning Issues

In a followup to the story we ran asking for details about why the Tiffin Homeowners Association is upset about the forthcoming bylaw and planning changes surrounding secondary suites, we received the following communique and have published it in its entirety.  It now seems clear that the contentious issue is around a decision that blurs […]