Police Service

Midland’s Police Chief Responds To Roy Ellis’s Critiques

Roy Ellis shares his main talking points at the OPP Costing public meetings and has his facts taken apart one by one by Midland’s top cop. Clearly Roy was not expecting to have his points of view rebutted with facts. Watch and listen to his deputation and the followup by Midland Police Chief Michael Osborne. […]

Midland Police Launch Services Survey Leading Up To Vote

The Midland Police Service has launched an online survey that asks residents to rate the importance of several police service levels that may either be unavailable with an OPP contract or could be added for additional costs and the reduction of the contentious savings by millions of dollars. Take the survey using your phone, tablet […]

Keeping Midland police means presence at community events without additional fees

I have been keeping myself aware of this debate and attended one of the information meetings. I want MPS to stay in my town. I want a school and community officer dedicated to my town. The service and attention we get cannot be beat by having the same number of officers available for the entire […]

Talking Points For Public Meeting On Policing

The following document was provided to us with the permission to share it leading up to the public meetings at 2pm and 7pm at the sports and rec centre.  The document contains a graphic that shows the projected town savings to be virtually none instead of the $8 million that the town’s CAO and consultant […]

Peterborough Tries Out Private Security In Downtown Core

Submitted by a contributor this morning, this story is rather timely. Peterborough’s downtown BIA has taken the unusual step of hiring a private security firm to patrol the downtown ward and given them the title of “ambassadors”.  They are not in body armour and don’t have the tell tale utility belts and their role seems […]