PUC – Electricity

Nobody Asked The Voters About Sale

Did I miss something or when were we asked if we wanted to sell off the electric utility? It makes us money.  I don’t recall any talk of this at the election. I heard them say they wanted to look at OPP to save money.  I voted for that.  Now we see it will not […]

Taxpayers Could Sue Midland Council Over MPUC Sale

It was interesting reading an article in a Toronto newspaper talking about Premier Wynne, Minister Sousa and Minister Chiarelli facing a court challenge and law suit over selling Hydro One without a mandate to do so. Is this something that should be looked at with regard to Midland Town council thinking about selling our PUC, […]

Selling MPUC – Short Term Gain – Long Term Pain

Just learned that tenders have gone out to sell off our public asset, PUC. What a shame that the neo-liberal minded people in this town want to follow, like sheep, the Chiarelli, Liberal government, urgings. It is like our water being sold to Nestle for a song, Like other resources going to multi nationals that […]

Hold A Referendum On Sale of MPUC

I would hope that rather than go with the neo-liberal approach and sell our public asset (PUC), the Council would see fit to hold a referendum. This is a huge decision and may not be the most prudent. Once this is done, there is no turning back and our future generations are left with the […]