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Curious Midlander Asks More Questions About Town Issues

In our continued attempt to get clear and honest answers from our Mayor, Council and CAO John Skorobohacz on a variety of important issues to the Midland community, here is our next installment. Curious Midlander Edition #2 (Click this to read Edition 1) We have been researching these additional curiosities and are hoping Council and/or the […]

Council To Seek Public Input On $22 Million From MPUC Sale

The short video clip above, from the Simpson’s Monorail episode draws parallels to the decisions that Midland Council faces in what to do with the reported $22 million dollars we will receive for the unpopular sale of Midland’s profitable PUC to Newmarket / Tay.  We wonder what kind of pressures we will see and hear […]

Who Voted To Sell Your MPUC Without A Mandate To Do So?

According to the addendum published on the Town of Midland’s website from last Monday’s council meeting, here is how the MPUC vote went down.  This may help you in 2018, but won’t get our profitable resource back.  That ship is about to sail along with the $600k + in yearly dividends in perpetuity.  Those profits […]

Nobody Asked The Voters About Sale

Did I miss something or when were we asked if we wanted to sell off the electric utility? It makes us money.  I don’t recall any talk of this at the election. I heard them say they wanted to look at OPP to save money.  I voted for that.  Now we see it will not […]

UPDATED: Midland PUC Compliance With “No Winter Disconnects”

On February 13, 2017, the Ontario Minister of Energy sent an e-mail to every LDC (local distribution company) in the province, including our very own MPUC. The purpose of this email was to request that all LDC’s voluntarily discontinue their respective winter disconnection policies for all residential customers. On February 16th (just three days later), […]

Taxpayers Could Sue Midland Council Over MPUC Sale

It was interesting reading an article in a Toronto newspaper talking about Premier Wynne, Minister Sousa and Minister Chiarelli facing a court challenge and law suit over selling Hydro One without a mandate to do so. Is this something that should be looked at with regard to Midland Town council thinking about selling our PUC, […]

Selling MPUC – Short Term Gain – Long Term Pain

Just learned that tenders have gone out to sell off our public asset, PUC. What a shame that the neo-liberal minded people in this town want to follow, like sheep, the Chiarelli, Liberal government, urgings. It is like our water being sold to Nestle for a song, Like other resources going to multi nationals that […]

Hold A Referendum On Sale of MPUC

I would hope that rather than go with the neo-liberal approach and sell our public asset (PUC), the Council would see fit to hold a referendum. This is a huge decision and may not be the most prudent. Once this is done, there is no turning back and our future generations are left with the […]

Council Votes To Sell Off Our Midland PUC

In a press release today stemming from this week’s special Council meeting it seems that the Midland Council has opted to sell off our Midland PUC.   Not interested in status quo (keeping it and the $600,ooo / year in dividends it provides) or merging to regain some control, they have instead opted to cash […]