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Shared: Charges against Waypoint must lead to safer conditions

Charges laid against the Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care under the Occupational Health and Safety Act must lead to greater protection for staff and patients, says the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. “We welcome the charges but they won’t amount to much unless real, long-term solutions are found to ensure that employees and patients […]

Council Asks Police For Opinion About ATV On Local Roads

In a letter addressed to Council for tonight’s Council meeting, it seems that the Chief of Police Michael Osborne was asked to provide comments about the potential for Council to make bylaws that would pave the way for ATV (all terrain vehicles) to be allowed to operate on some or all of Midland streets, parks […]

40 Years Since What Became Mandatory?

It has been four decades since what became mandatory in Ontario? Having a chaperone accompany you when on a date with the doctor’s daughter? Nope! Have a life guard on duty at your back yard swimming pool. No! Knowing all the songs in your church’s hymnal? Wrong again. WEARING SEATBELTS in motor vehicle is the […]

How To Use A Four Way Stop (for dummies)

Elizabeth and King streets’ four way stop has a new look. Four additional stop signs have been planted right in the middle of all streets! Yet when we spent 15 minutes from 6:30 pm to  6:45 pm we saw for ourselves from pretty startling incidents: 31 drivers did rolling stops, eight raced through and 15 came […]

Town Responds To Safety Concerns

In response to public complaints, a request from Councillor Cody Oschefski and presumably by Midland Police (who were out in force yesterday witnessing the traffic hazards and tweeting about it), the Town of Midland has taken the additional step of adding temporary stop signs in the middle of the King Street to educate drivers who seem unaware […]

Please! Town Of Midland! Please!

As I sat yesterday watching the new stop signs at King/Elizabeth, I was amazed at what I saw over a 45minute period. 80% of all cars on King Street did a rolling stop. 10% blew right on through without even a hint of stopping. 10% stopped properly. No sign of town staff monitoring their trial. Police […]

New Stop Signs At King/Elizabeth Take Effect

We have learned from Council’s general committee that the new trial stop signs at King Street and Elizabeth Street for northbound and southbound King Street traffic will go into force on Monday May 16th.  This trial, the subject of much debate online, was requested by the Seniors Committee and embraced by Council despite alternatives such as […]