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New Path Youth & Family Services (New Path) in collaboration with Catholic Family Services of Simcoe County (CFSSC) is pleased to announce the opening of a child and youth mental health Walk-in Clinic in Midland. The Midland Walk-in Clinic runs every Tuesday from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the CFSSC location at 845 King […]

Vital Signs Report Fails To Address Root Of Problem

I was pleased to see the article in the Simcoe.com news release regarding the Vital Signs report. It brings attention to a number of critical issues which exist in society today. Unfortunately, like too many on going problems facing society, it fails to get to the real root of the problem. A few decades ago […]

Local Projects Need Your Votes Now (Share This)

The Aviva Community Fund uses a competitive approach to help decide which community projects get access to their funding.  Midland has three in the pool right now and is competing against other communities who have equally valuable projects on the go.  You can vote daily until the closing date OR choose to cast all your […]

Citizens Healthcare Steering Committee

In April 2014 concerns over potential elimination of local ophthalmologic services coupled with the ongoing debate and controversy regarding PGH closure, the Midland Seniors Council orchestrated 2 town hall style healthcare meetings, resulting in the formation of an ad hoc committee to strengthen citizen engagement. Regular meetings were set up for citizens, mayors and LHIN […]

Have We Learned Nothing From Site 41 Struggle

I just learned today that the huge effort to put a halt to Site 41 taught no lessons. Several conversations today, with local individuals, divulged that the water pressure from the aquifer under most of Simcoe County and in fact most of south central Ontario is being impacted. By what you ask? Well, there is […]

September 2016 Is Mentoring Month

Have you been thinking that mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters only includes one-to-one, long-term matches? Think again! Big Brothers Big Sisters offers a wide range of mentoring opportunities to meet the varied needs of volunteers, children and families. Serving as role models, our mentors teach by example the importance of giving and giving back, […]

Road Rage, Murder, Stabbings And It’s Only July

Comm Team
With the endless news of violence and destruction around the world, the sheer brutality of terrorist groups like ISIS/ISIL and those whom they inspire, and the fact that hate-based crime in North America is on the rise it should come as no surprise that whatever is wrong with some people in our society would eventually touch us […]

The Guesthouse Shelter Participates in ‘The Great Canadian Giving Challenge’

The Guesthouse Shelter has been providing resources to people experiencing homelessness in North Simcoe for the last 12 years. Since February they have welcomed 50 new “guests”, which is an average of 14 new guests/month; that’s a brand new person coming to use the shelter every 2 days each with their own story. There are many […]

Midland Y’s Mens Music Festival

Midland Y’s Men Club’s annual Music Festivals is off and running for another year. Some will tell you these events are at least seven consecutive decades long….others might add two more decades. And why not?  The YMCA in Midland is the second oldest YMCA in all of Canada. As a former member of Etobicoke YM-YWCA, […]