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Local OPP Union Boss Charged Today By RCMP

Local OPP Union Boss Charged Today By RCMP


Following a nineteen month investigation by the RCMP Financial Crime and Anti-Corruption Units into allegations of improper conduct by former senior employees of the Ontario Provincial Police Association and persons acting in concert with them, criminal charges were laid today in the City of Toronto.  One of the group includes the now disgraced ex-head of the police union who hails from Midland.

This stems from allegations that the group had engaged in a massive fraud of their own member’s funds.

See: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/opp-union-leaders-stole-and-laundered-funds-rcmp-allege-1.2994229

The following persons have been charged with Fraud over $5000 and Laundering the Proceeds of Crime:

Karl WALSH (52) of West Gwillimbury,
James CHRISTIE (48) of Midland,
Martin BAIN (50) of Oro-Medonte,
Andrew McKAY (54) of Toronto, and
Francis CHANTIAM (60) of New Jersey, USA.

These individuals will make their initial court appearance at Old City Hall Courts, 60 Queen Street West,Toronto, on July 18th, 2016.

They will continue to be suspended with full pay, benefits and pension contributions as they reportedly have been since they first were investigated.

Source: http://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/rcmp-lay-charges-in-connection-with-ontario-provincial-police-association-investigation-583328251.html


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  1. Often we the people will react to this sort of news with loads of disgust. These charges not convictions are very serious. These people whom also happen to be sworn officers ought to have known better. I will say that! I will also add that most charged and/or convicted persons knew better. It’s more so emotionally bothersome because most of us want to have people in positions of trust that know right and do right. Anyone with authority over me ought to be trustworthy And not abuse their power and knowledge. These officers if convicted……..knew better and ought to be ashamed of themselves for damaging what ought to be a noble title.

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Local OPP Union Boss Charged Today By RCMP

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