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Shared: Bill Gordon – Midland Ward 2

Shared: Bill Gordon – Midland Ward 2


Dear Midland residents,

It has been my honour and privilege to have served the community as a member of our former century-old community police service for 24 years before it was disbanded in February 2018.

As a member of the Midland Police Service, I was unable to stand for public office. Now that I no longer work for the Municipality, I am free to continue my service to the community and, with the support and urging of family, friends, colleagues and members of the community, I humbly announce my intention to become a Municipal Council candidate for the upcoming election on October 22nd 2018.

My pledge is simple. If elected, I am not going into office with a personal agenda or for revenge for this past term’s unpopular decisions, many of which, but not all, are now irreversible.

However, my desire is to be YOUR voice in Municipal affairs for the next four years. I will not dismiss your deputations or petitions. I will not be unduly influenced by special interest groups and won’t participate in shadow councils or behind-the-scenes deals that run counter to the open and transparent democratic process guaranteed by the Municipal Act.

I will carefully examine the facts of each issue I am asked to vote on. I will consult with the community and hear your input both for and against important issues. I will vote to support the best interests of the town for its short term and long term prosperity for both my family and yours.

If elected to Council in October, I will be but one vote of nine. I will make that vote count on each and every issue and will respect the decisions made by Council regardless of whether they align with my personal beliefs on a subject. I will however, seek out facts from subject matter experts, and the community to help guide my decisions and share that rationale with you before I cast each vote.

Just as I was in my policing career, I am always approachable and ready to hear more than one side to an issue. My bias is towards the truth and towards evidence-based decision making. Neither my vote nor my support is for sale or rent. My goal is to serve the community with fairness, impartiality and to keep openness and transparency at the forefront unless prohibited by law.

My priorities if elected to Council this term will include but are not limited to:

Improved Community Safety
Community Collaboration & Consultation
Evidence-Based Decision Making
Improved Municipal Communications
Adherence To Democratic Process and Transparency
Improved Services
Economic Growth
Youth & Seniors Issues
Fair Taxation
Municipal Efficiencies
Waterfront Preservation For The Community
Municipal Staff Retention
Support the Midland Forward and Strategic Plan Initiatives

I Will Put Our Community First!

If my beliefs align with your own, I invite you to cast one of your three Ward 2 votes for me on October 22nd and look forward to answering any questions that you may have about my candidacy. I’ll put our Community First! in every decision I am asked to make. I believe that Midland should be open for business but that we are NOT for sale.



William (Bill) Gordon
Midland, Ontario

Visit: www.billgordon.ca for more details.


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Shared: Bill Gordon – Midland Ward 2

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