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Shared: County of Simcoe looks at incentives for green bin use

Shared: County of Simcoe looks at incentives for green bin use


The County of Simcoe is looking for ways to encourage people to use their green bins. Aileen Doyle explains. http://bit.ly/2mTRAyu

County of Simcoe looks at incentives for green bin use

The County of Simcoe is trying to find ways to get more people to use their green bins.

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  1. I love my green bin use it all the time at the cottage and was really happy when we started to use green bins at our apt. Building in Barrie .
    My biggest complaint about it was the biodegradable bags are a pain they rip half all the time I try and put in my container so now I don’t use and just wrap everything in newspaper , plus I’ve heard people in our building complain about the cost of the bags.

  2. We have used ours since day one of moving to adjala/Tosorontio almost 12 years ago. It’s so easy and cuts down the waste in the regular garbage bag. Ya it may smell in the summer but so does a garbage bag. Just takes a little effort.

  3. I wonder how many restaurants are forced to use green bins and why fast food places arent forced to offer green bins for their customers to use like the other recycling bins and garbage cans?

  4. Why is it in Barrie we need to organize our paper from our plastics and we need special bags to put our green bin stuff in meanwhile in York Region and Toronto no such thing as grey or blue bins one bin for recycling and regular plastic bags can be used for green bin.

  5. I use my green and blue bins and I have to replace them again. 3 stacking blue bins cracked and no longer stackable due to being thrown after they dump them. This will be the 2nd set this year. My green bin no longer locks because of the big chunk missing near the lock so the raccoons are impossible to keep out. Had one replaced already. Maybe people are just tired of buying them. Call to complain and nothing done. This has been an issue since contracting collection out. IMO

  6. Gawd…we can’t even get the people who pick up recycling to do their job right. I won’t be lugging another bin out to find it sitting there full. If the bins are set perfectly or the wind knocks them over… they just drive on by. I don’t expect these guys to run around picking up cans and papers but a tipped bin? Give me a break.

  7. I have been using the green bin since it came to Barrie. I usually have a full green bin and my garbage is a kitchen bag two weeks worth of garbage. My recycling is always full but I use clear bags so the stuff won’t blow all over my neighbourhood.

  8. How about come up with a way to prevent food from rotting attracting massive amounts of flies and maggots…. the bags or locked lids don’t prevent the flies or maggots….

    Also how about start washing my green bin…

    And no i am not putting decayed organic matter in the freezer with my food to consume have we never heard of cross contamination?!?

    No i am not buying and running a second chest freezer for garbage…

  9. In Georgina we are allowed 1 garbage bag every other week. If we have more than 1 we need to put a green tag for $1 per bag. We use the green bin and the blue bin a lot

  10. Be nice if we could put diapers in the green bin like York region. Oh wait we did it both ways and the garage ppl didn’t care. Haven’t had an issue yet about them being in the garbage. I’m all for each bin. I have the list that comes with the calendar on my fridge just in case.

  11. Should do what Dufferin County does…blue bin recycling, green bin composting, and a clear garbage bag, with 1 small white privacy bag allowed inside. All other garbage is seen through the clear bag, so pretty much forced to recycle and compost. If you don’t use a clear bag, then your garbage won’t be picked up! If you put recyclable and compost in the clear bag, it won’t be picked up! Simple!

  12. I thought it was going to be disgusting, but I’ve used them now for a couple years, I think it’s been. It’s great. Too bad my kids eat next to nothing. Or, just snack all day… Have to work on that after seeing the waste. It’s bad.

  13. We use our green bin but now it’s broken because the garbage guys just toss the bins around instead of placing them down properly and prevent breakage.

  14. It costs to use the green bin, requiring special bags……..how is that incentive!? I used it up until the day they didn’t take it because there was “plastic” inside.

  15. It doesn’t stink. We keep the little one on the kitchen counter and when it gets funky I replace the bag, putting the funky one in the big bin outside. No issue…. I’ve been doing it for years.
    How is it any worse than a stinky garbage bag that sits in your garage for TWO weeks?
    I don’t get it.

  16. We you’d ours since it was introduced. Even with garbage switched to every other week now we only have less than a garbage bag full, aside from animal waste. so much can go in the green bin!!

  17. I like using
    Mine because it cuts down in the garbage that ends up in yards and harms others Pets my poor dog
    Choked on a
    Chicken wing they someone has obviously out in garbage instead of compost this is one example of how caring about your waste counts please think about these things when making the decision to just throw out your garbage you could be saving a fur babies life thank you

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Shared: County of Simcoe looks at incentives for green bin use

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