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Shared: County of Simcoe wants to spend $200K to promote green bin use


The County of Simcoe has given initial approval to a $200,000 plan to promote green bin use. Aileen Doyle explains. https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/county-of-simcoe-wants-to-spend-200k-to-promote-green-bin-use-1.3841450

County of Simcoe wants to spend $200K to promote green bin use

The County of Simcoe wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote the use of green bins.

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  1. How about providing green bin service to apartments. I throw out so much weekly that should be going into a green bin but can’t because we don’t have a green bin to toss it in.

  2. $200K on a promotion?

    Why not just $50K on advertising on social networking and online marketing and maybe $150K on programs for children with special needs….

  3. How about giving me a green bin instead of charging me because someone stole mine. Would love to use it but i am not paying to replace it. My taxes should.cover it.

  4. This is a great idea. There are still so many people on our street that do not have one, only garbage. Its not rocket science to figure it out.
    Leftovers, stale food, scraps, peels, etc go in the green bin.
    You reduce your waste by 50% – 75%. Less in the landfill is a good thing especially when it comes to water.

  5. We were told we cannot have one because we are complex with a dumpster! How about expanding it into place such as these! We recycle like crazy but would like to participate in the green bin program!

  6. Give them to people instead of making us buy them. I am originally from NS and they are free, apartment buildings get them, businesses that have food get them, I would totally use it if I had one but I’m not paying for it, no matter what the price!

  7. Maybe we could get better green bins so the raccoons and skunks can’t get in, like the ones Toronto uses.. or one big green bin, blue bin and grey bin like the city.. the lids are attached and on windy days it’s not going to blow all over the place

  8. How about making restaurants recycle, where the real food waste volume comes from instead of worrying about the 1 bag/week of garbage allowance for residential? This campaign is a waste of money if you’re not targeting the large contributors…just sayin’

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Shared: County of Simcoe wants to spend $200K to promote green bin use

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