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Shared: Dog shot dead by Midland police officerShooting of aggressive animal last resor…


Dog shot dead by Midland police officer
Shooting of aggressive animal last resort, says official

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  1. Every time they tried to get close to the cage the dog charged at them. Animal control does NOT carry dart equipment and MNR will not respond to a dog call. The police spend great amounts of police service assets to comb the area for the owners. IF the dog got loose when they tried to corral it, citizens could have been injured. I do not believe the Midland PD made this call lightly. I feel for the cop and the animal control agent. no one wanted what happened.

  2. The very people who are supposed to be trained in dog encounters call the Police who have 0 training in animal encounters for help? What did they expect the outcome to be? Police only know how to shoot a gun. This dog was likely scared and trying to protect itself. This is absolutely disgraceful. How many bullets did it take? Is shooting gun in a public area at an animal less of a threat than a loose dog?

  3. This is a very unfortunate situation. Any breed of dog with the natural genetic predisposition to defend its home or its master( Yorki to mastiff ) when left in a neutral or foreign place as this dog was, would have been very confused! Think about the dogs thought process. At home in his yard if a stranger approaches his territory the dog would see this intrusive behavior as a reason to bark and show his displeasure. Take him to a neutral place and repeat all of the scenario except for the fact that he was abandoned in a strange territory( Not his) what do you think would happen if a wolf finds himself in territory belonging to another pack? That wolf would be defending his life from the strange pack approaching! No different than the strange people who approached him to help out. But how would the dog know this? A dog that charges often retreats as quickly as it moves forward. As mentioned in this article. Why? If he was truly aggressive why did he not stand his ground? Because he was not aggressive! He was defending himself with nothing more than a warning. He was confused and concerned for his own safety and probably wondering where the hell is my dad? Dogs in distress don’t often eat. So a sedative in food was not likely to work but definitely worth a try. Ladies and gentlemen until people, the public and the media take a proactive view of training all breeds and stops blaming specific breeds and hold the owners responsible and liable, we will continue to see more cases just like this one.

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Shared: Dog shot dead by Midland police officerShooting of aggressive animal las…

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