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Shared: Midland man wins $100,000 jackpot

Shared: Midland man wins $100,000 jackpot


Stephen Casler had to go home and ask his girlfriend to pinch him after he won $100,000 playing the Instant Wild Card scratch-and-win game.

“She looked at me funny, but then she actually did,” the Midland resident told OLG Prize Centre staff in Toronto, where he picked up his winnings. “She asked me if everything was OK and I said, ‘Yes, I just won $100,000!’ She was so excited for me.”

Casler had gone into the Mac’s on William Street to pick up a few items. He decided to buy a couple of tickets, too, scratching them right there in the store.

“I knew I won something with the Instant Wild Card ticket, so I scanned it first and that’s when the words ‘Big Winner – $100,000’ appeared on the screen. I was in complete shock.”

Casler shared the news with some close friends and, the very next day, hopped in a taxi to go claim his prize.

“I want to save a large portion of my windfall,” he said. “I do plan to give a small gift to the store employees and buy an e-bike. It’s something I have wanted for a while now, so I’m excited I can finally purchase it.”

Instant Wild Card is a $5 game that has eight top prizes of $100,000. Overall odds of winning are 1 in 3.86.

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Shared: Midland man wins $100,000 jackpot

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