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Shared: Midland police fatally shoot dog at park


Midland police says they had to shoot and kill an aggressive dog at a park because the animal posed a risk to public safety. http://ow.ly/6Bzm304qHM9

Midland police fatally shoot dog at park

Midland police says they had to shoot and kill an aggressive dog at a park because the animal posed a risk to public safety.

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  1. …a Cane Corso is a big dog, a Mastiff type…..sucks they had to shoot him, but at least the Police and Animal Control made some efforts first…..(much better than running a dog down with a Police Cruiser repeatedly)….now, to find the owner who abandoned the dog there in the first place….

  2. You people judging what had to be done by the police, you are all apart of the problem here! You think for one second the police officer who shot this animal enjoyed doing so? I highly doubt it! Give your heads a shake! Maybe instead of blaming them for having to do their job this way, point your finger at the neglectful owner of this dog!

  3. Obviously many of the commentators here have not had s brush with a Cane Corso/Bull mastiff that’s got a mean side.
    These dogs can kill in an instant, and are close to the size of a skinny black bear.
    The police did the right thing in this instance.
    Now if the dog was blind and old, they woulda just ran it over with a cruiser 5-6 times and put a bullet in it

  4. A dart could get stuck in brush where a bullet won’t. He would have became more aggressive before he fell asleep with a dart. From my understanding at least. If the dog got free and attacked someone you all would be saying they should have prevented that. My Rottie/King Sheppard cross nearly jumped my 6 food fence and is smaller than this breed. Idk what they tried as I wasn’t there. I do know there is a school close to the area and would be furious if an aggressive dog got loose and went for the school. If he got to the shelter or vet while being aggressive, there’s a good chance they would have put him down anyway. I hope the owner is found and I hope he is charged with abandonment and with the death of the dog

  5. The tranquilizer shouldn’t have just been considered but an attempt should have at least be attempted. If and when the owner is ever found he/she should be penalized heavily for animal abuse.

  6. That owner of this animal should be charged with animal neglect,,no wonder the dog was aggressive he was tied up in a drain storm…something else could and should have been done to protect this scared animal,,all he was , was scared…I feel a heartbreak for this poor animal that really never had a chance…

  7. The very people who are supposed to be trained in dog encounters call the Police who have 0 training in animal encounters for help? What did they expect the outcome to be? Police only know how to shoot a gun. This dog was likely scared and trying to protect itself. This is absolutely disgraceful. How many bullets did it take? Is shooting gun in a public area at an animal less of a threat than a loose dog?

  8. Food for thought for those that are against the dog being euthanized. This is the average weight of a male and female Cane Corso ranging from 99 to 110 lb for males and from 88 to 100 lb for females. My daughter who is 5 years old weighs 48lbs. If this dog some how broke free while they tried to tranquilize it and it got away this dog would have easily been able to grab her and there would have been nothing anyone could do about it. This is a park full of children near a school it’s not worth the risk. Ideally this should never have happened but you can’t fix stupid. With proper care and training Cane Corso’s can be wonderful loyal pets but they can also when in the wrong hands be vicious and extremely dangerous. It’s sad that it came to this but I’m grateful that the police were able to keep everyone safe.

  9. I am a animal lover and I think the police did the right thing. Especially if the dog were was near a school and I’m hoping they find the owners and throw the book at them. Good job police officers it could have been worse

  10. if they could shoot it with a real gun then they could have shot it with the tranquilizer just another excuse for a cop to kill something all you bleeding harts supporting the cops are idiots you should know if they could shoot it with real gun why could they not shoot it with tranquilizer, doesn’t add up

  11. It’s really quite sickening how many people who don’t have experience with a cane corso/ mastiff feel like they know best on this subject. A dog is not a certain way because of its breed, it is the way it is raised! I have a South African Mastiff, 160lbs, he has an insane amount of strength and power but is well trained. Because they are quite intelligent dogs. But if he was tied and unknown people/officers were approaching him he would bark because he would probably be uncomfortable. Just because a dog moves and barks does not mean it’s going to attack.
    There was no immediate threat, the dog was TIED. This is unacceptable

  12. Was the dog left there? Or was it stuck in there and couldn’t get out?? (As in got in there somehow itself ) And if it was stuck it was probably scared for its life and then all the people surrounded it prolly felt threatened. Sad to see the out come of this having to be the lost of an animal. There needs to be more effort into training people “as in animal control” about aggressive dogs an how to handle them in situation like this.. Rip dog.

  13. No matter what is a dog barks or growls it’s aggressive? Maybe it was scared and confused? Ya I get it ppl are scared but at least try to stand with it for awhile see if he would come around.

  14. why don’t the police use their tasers and why haven’t they been equipped with tranquilizer guns since they are always the first on scene before they can even call in animal control.

  15. Sad :'( It’s to bad they couldn’t call the spca or animal control or something FIRST..to give this poor dog a chance, it was probably terrified 🙁 If it was taken into a shelter and then deemed unsafe and a threat to people with no hope for rehabilitation then I would understand having to put it down. Dogs act aggressive when they are scared, or hurt..in distress..I just don’t understand why they shot it before getting help from trained animal professionals, especially since it was tied up! 🙁

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Shared: Midland police fatally shoot dog at park

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