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Shared: New skating trail at the Simcoe County Museum is open for skating starting today…


New skating trail at the Simcoe County Museum is open for skating starting today from 1-4pm and then again 6:30-8:30pm. Admission is $10 per person.

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  1. Having kids makes everything cost more… new concept I know… why does everyone want things for free these days? There is a cost to grooming/clearing the trails and staff to ensure your safety.

  2. Erin Small because it’s built with tax dollars and it would be nice to maybe get our moneys worth for a change ..taxes in Barrie and area have gone up almost 25% in the last 7 years and all we have have is reduced services ..That’s why people want stuff free. .

  3. Complaining about a $10 fee is what is ridiculous. The museum is an amazing place that puts so much in to community events. The tax dollars they get don’t cover those events. The Christmas event is strictly on donation. Whatever you can donate, whether it’s a toy, can of food or couple dollars. They are only trying to create fun things for the community. Creating this trail would have cost a lot of money and they have to upkeep it as well. It’s not free for them so why should it be free for you? I’m sure some of you spend money on things that you could pull back from to instead take your kids skating for $10! Stop being so entitled.

  4. Why should it be free for kids? You choose to have them and there’s a cost to that choice. Why should my husband and I pay $20 you you with 3 kids pay the same if they are free so I have to watch out for your kids while skating. Maybe reduce rate of $5 for kids but not free.

  5. Here’s the comparison I did the other day you decide drive over 1 hour or less then 20 minutes

    Skating 1.3 km
    Arrowhead $17 week day $20 weekend per vehicle

    Simcoe distance just under 1 km
    1-4 pm Jan 2 -5 and Tues night 630 to 830 pm
    Weekends 11 to 330 pm
    $10 per person

    Blue Mtn 1.1 km
    $16 for 2 hrs adults $22 with rental
    Kids less

  6. Wow $40 just to take my family skating. I can go 10 times for that at any arena, or free many places in the city. I guess they should start charging for the tennis court ice rinks the city makes too right ?

  7. Why does everyone have to complain about EVERYTHING these days??? I don’t remember having a beautiful skating trail in the woods when I was younger? Everything costs money…it’s life.
    How about everyone stop being so miserable and if you don’t like the cost than don’t go….simple!

  8. Haha so funny the people complaing about taking family out for an adventure! 40-50$ is peanuts for a family outing, You would spend more than that at a restaurant to take family for dinner. At least this way they don’t get fat

  9. It is a little steep for skating, a family with children are going to skate maybe for an hour. People are complaining because we are all sick to death of being overcharged for things our tax dollars paid for anyways. It is not that expensive to maintain, 1 employee a tractor and a big barrel of water, drives the trail and lightly floods the ice, $5/person is far more reasonable and would bring far more families out to use the trail. If you over charge, it doesn’t draw the crowds and therefore money is lost.

  10. As it is new this year, maybe people could message the museum and make suggestions on how we as a community would be happier with the price (kids free, $20 car load, half price evenings, etc) it is a fantastic place and so much fun for the kids and I’m sure they would appreciate the feedback

  11. I can see both sides of the coin. But i think its a great idea to have a skating trail and 10 dollars is a fair price. Maybe have a family pass thats a bit easier on families. Have fun skating everyone. I wish i could skate!!!!i i would love to do this

  12. If the fee is too much for you then go and find a cheaper activity.

    Skating is free at city hall or one of many other outdoor rinks in the area.

    There are operating costs associated with running an activity like this (wages for staff, insurance, upfront costs for startup etc). Do people ask you to do your job for free?

    Look at the prices of similar activties, cross country skiing, snowshoeing etc. If you do this on trails maintained by people running a business they also cost money.

    Give your heads a shake and quit being so entitled.

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Shared: New skating trail at the Simcoe County Museum is open for skating starti…

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