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Shared: Plan for sex-ed curriculum in Simcoe County


CTV Barrie’s Beatrice Vaisman tells us what Simcoe County’s school board will be doing about the plan for the sex-ed curriculum. https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/plan-for-sex-ed-curriculum-in-simcoe-county-1.4045488

Plan for sex-ed curriculum in Simcoe County

A new school year begins next month, but teachers still aren’t sure what they should be teaching when it comes to the new sex-ed curriculum.

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  1. The sad thing is that now there will be no standard. All school boards should refuse to teach the 1998 Health curriculum.

    Wasn’t it yesterday that about 1800 paediatric health professionals petitioned the government to rethink their curriculum stance.

    My daughter received the 1998 Health curriculum throughout her elementary and high school years but received a much better one from Sick Kids having dealt with them since she was 18 months old until she was 18 years old. I’m glad she received the education there she did. It prepared her to grow up as a child in an adult world.

  2. The thing is, we teachers are required to teach, at minimum, the expectations from the current (or implemented curriculum or program (for kindergarten)). At minimum. We can go beyond those expectations however. The stance of the SCDSB is essentially telling us to use our professional judgement. We now need to wait and see what our federation is suggesting from a legal standpoint. I hope that parents will remember all of this when our contracts come up for negotiation in another year. It will not be pleasant.

  3. It would appear that the school boards are only concerned about the sex education what about mathematics, history, geography, English, and all other subjects do they not count. When sex education was first introduced by the provincial liberals by Kathleen Wynne there was a big out cry and especially by our ethnic communities. From where I sit and watch the so called 1800 people signing a petition is immature I fear for the education system and our young children .

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Shared: Plan for sex-ed curriculum in Simcoe County

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